It's a Southern Thing

at The Grub Gastro Pub

About the Drink

Ingredients*:  100 proof Southern Comfort, House-made Watermelon/Sweet Basil Puree

*Contains alcohol

In the South, it’s a thing to relax on the porch while sippin’ your favorite beverage. And, it’s a thing to add a little salt to your watermelon. In keeping with tradition, we have blended 100 proof Southern Comfort with a Watermelon/Sweet Basil puree, added a little pink salt and a slice of fresh watermelon to the rim. The results are light, refreshing and relaxing. Drop by and enjoy "It’s a Southern Thing" on our front patio or back deck.

Price:  $11.00

Restaurant Info

1090 Alpharetta St
Roswell, GA 30075