Summertime-Lime Chill

at Land of a Thousand Hills

About the Drink

Ingredients*:  Milk of your choosing (whole, almond, or oat), Dark Chocolate Sauce, Handmade Key Lime Syrup, Blended Base for the smooth blended texture (does contain dairy), Whip Cream (optional), Toffee Bark

*Does not contain alcohol

Our Summertime-Lime Chill is a blend of delicious dark chocolate, handmade key lime syrup, our one-of-a-kind espresso, and last, but certainly not least, we add Land of a Thousand Hills' own Toffee Bark to the mix! Prepare for the perfect summertime blended beverage at Land of a Thousand Hills in Roswell!

Price:  $5.50

Restaurant Info

352 S Atlanta St
Rowell, GA 30075